College Chemistry Canada Awards

The C3 Award in Chemical Education

The Award shall be offered annually to honour a person who has made substantial contributions to chemical education at the College level. In selecting the recipient of the Award, the committee shall consider primarily the contributions of the nominee to enhancing the quality of teaching in an area of chemistry, biochemistry, or chemical technology. Meritorious contributions to furthering chemical education through C3 is also to receive due consideration.

The Award shall be presented at the annual College Chemistry Canada Inc.(C3) Conference with the appropriate ceremony and publicity.

The Award shall consist of an appropriate scroll and $600 to assist the award winner to attend the annual C3 conference. The Award winner must be a member of C3 in good standing and have been a member of C3 for the past three (3) consecutive years. Nominations for the Award must be submitted in writing to the Secretary of C3 by January 1 of the year the award is to be presented. The nominations shall include a detailed description of the contributions of the candidate to chemical education and to the C3 organization. Each nomination is to remain in effect for three years. Each nomination is to be accompanied by three letters of recommendation from peers of the nominee. The Selection Committee for the Award shall consist of the President, Past President or President Elect, Secretary, Treasurer, and Editor of College Chemistry Canada.


C3 Host College Student Scholarship

The C3 Host Student Scholarship is designed to help a student pursue studies at a Canadian College in science, and to raise the profile of College Chemistry Canada. To reflect the diversity of programmes and objectives of colleges in Canada, the criteria for awarding this will be left to the college which hosts the annual C3 conference (when the conference is located in Canada). For example, the scholarship could be awarded to a high school student entering a college, or to a first year student going into second year. It could be given for the most creative entry in a science fair, or to the student showing the most improvement during first year. It is hoped that the awarding of the scholarship will be publicized.

The selection of candidates will be based on the following criteria:

  • The selection of the recipient of the scholarship will be made by the college which is hosting the annual C3 conference in those years when conference is held in Canada.
  • The host college will set the criteria for deciding a winner. The winner should, however, be (i) a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant, and (ii) intending to pursue science studies (including chemistry) at the host college in the year following the presentation of the award.
  • The scholarship will be presented to the winner during the annual conference. The host college will inform the secretary of C3 of the name of the successful candidate by May 10.
  • The winner of the scholarship will be given $1000 and a certificate.


C3 General Student Scholarship

The C3 General Student Scholarship is designed to help a student pursue studies at a Canadian College or University (or other post-secondary educational institution) in science, and to raise the profile of College Chemistry Canada.

The award shall consist of an appropriate certificate and $1000. The scholarship should be presented in a way that promotes College Chemistry Canada. If geographically possible, a C3 executive or board member should make the presentation, otherwise, a C3 member in good standing may present the award. Up to TWO awards may be given annually.

Nomination of Candidates

The candidate must be nominated by a C3 member in good standing. The nomination, along with supporting documents, must be submitted to the Secretary (or through the online submission system) by May 10 of the year the award is to be presented. Supporting documents may include letters of recommendation, transcripts, or evidence of student participation in community projects/organizations. 

Selection Committee

The committee shall consist of the members of the executive, excluding any member who has nominated a candidate. If more than one executive member must be excluded, they should be replaced by a regional director.

Selection Criteria

As C3 encompasses many different types of institutions, it is difficult to provide clear-cut guidelines for selection of candidates, but the following factors should be taken into consideration: The candidate should be entering into, or continuing with, a chemistry related area or program. We encourage applicants from all levels. Some examples might be: a student who has completed the first year of a university transfer program in sciences and will be continuing with a second year; a student who is part way through a chemical technology program; a high school student who will be entering a college in a chemistry-related area. Academic merit will be considered, but will not be the sole deciding factor. Participation in student organizations will be considered, e.g. Peer tutoring, Student Ambassador, Student Chapter of the CIC, volunteer work with local science centres or schools, participation in local science fairs (as an entrant or judge).


The Chemmys (as in "The Emmys")

These awards (there could be one, or more) will be awarded at the discretion of the President. They will be awarded for various "achievements" from the previous year's conference. They could be serious, but probably won't be. At the most recent conference in Toronto, this prize was awarded to Barrie Benton. In honour of him being the only member to have participated in every excursion and event, Barrie was presented with an array of energy drinks! Unbelievably, this was Barrie's first Chemmy!

The C3 Editor's Award(s)

These will be awarded by the Editor, for articles submitted to the newsletter in the past year. They could be for any category selected by the editor, eg. most humorous article, most scholarly article, shortest article etc. $50 maximum for each award and a certificate.

The Fun Run Trophy

The J. Willard Gibbs Fun Run Trophy was first presented to the winner of the annual conference fun run at the Capilano Conference in 1990. It consists of a recycled golf trophy (in keeping with the environmental theme of that conference) with an engraved plaque. Rintje Raap won the trophy in 1990, and again in 1994. It was not awarded in the intervening three years. It should probably be given to the Conference Coordinator of the next conference right after the award ceremony. Wrestling it away from the winner has never been a problem.